Nylon Compression Shorts and Half Tights For Men (BLACK/RED)

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Size: SMALL - 30

ReDesign’s Advanced Compression Short/Tights/Base Layer is made up of special nylon-spandex blend fabric and is cut & sewn scientifically to provide powerful targeted compression which accelerates blood flow and oxygen delivery to working muscles to increase workout capacity and perform better. It stabilizes active muscles and reduces blood lactate build up to help prevent fatigue, muscle soreness and long term over use injuries so you can train harder for longer. Perfect for all types of sport. Our compression wear features –

1) POWERFUL TARGETED COMPRESSION - ReDesign’s targeted gradient compression accelerates blood flow and oxygen delivery to working muscles to
increase workout capacity and perform better.

2) DRI-FAST MOISTURE WICKING - Our Dri-Fast wicking technology is built into the fabric meaning that fabric is able to ‘draw’ sweat away from where it is produced, helping to dissipate body heat.

3) UPF 50+ SUN PROTECTION - Our Sun blocking technology blocks UPF 50+, the highest sun protection grade in any fabric possible for Tan-less skin and prevention of sun related skin damages. 

4) MUSCLE PANEL ALIGNMENT - With our specific muscle panel alignment, we are able to boost blood circulation back to heart to increase endurance & improve re-circulation of blood lactate.

5) AERODYNAMICS - Thanks to our understanding of science and targeted compression we are able to create a fit that creates less drag thus improving performance in aerodynamic sports.

6) JOINT STABILISATION - Proprioception or joint position sense has major implication to athlete’s performance, particularly in areas of technique and injury prevention, our compression wear provides improved dynamic joint stabilisation for maximum output during workout.

7) RECOVERY - Muscle damage is an inevitable consequence of high intensity workout. It has been found that compression wear when worn immediately after a workout significantly reduced markers of muscle dame (creatine kinase) compared to normal recovery.

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